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Feature Articles concerning the Austin Seven and the people who appreciate their finer points.



Ebay Auctions

By the folks at Ebay

What's on Ebay at the moment that may be of interest to the Austin Seven Enthusiast?

The Austin Seven Register

An ongoing project to record every existing Austin Seven.

FBHVC Newsletters

Quarterly news from the leading campaigning organization for vintage cars.

Auction Reports

Reports of Austin Sevens and Austin seven memorabilia appearing at auction

Austin Seven Handbooks

The original Austin Seven handbooks are a mine of information but can be difficult to track down. We hope, eventually, to reproduce all of them but, to get us into the swing, you will find the handbooks produced in April 1937 numbered 1400D, 352i from early 1925, 352p from February 1927 and 715D from November 1931

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